How to: get rid of split ends!

Long hair, don’t care? Chances are if your hair is past shoulder length and looking a little ratty then you might! I’ve had long hair for years now, and the longer (and older!) it gets, the worse my split ends become – especially with the added damage from heat and styling. Don’t get your tresses in a stress though, my hairdresser showed me a quick fix for ridding yourself of those nasty ends, even if they go higher up your barnet than you’d like to lose, so you can still have long, luscious locks!
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Autumn hair help


Today felt noticeably autumnal – and it seems like its happening really quickly – I got up to walk Roxy and my little Fiat 500 was almost completely covered in a blanket of red and gold leaves, as if the tree I had parked under had been clinging onto its leaves only to abandon them in one swift dump.

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