How to: hydrate moisture-hungry eyes


Working in magazine publishing it might aswell be the festive season for me already, brain full of Christmas puns and winter techniques I tend to get confused around this time of year and often find myself surprised at the golden appearance of the leaves that scream out it’s still autumn. However, the clocks went back today so it can no longer be ignored – winter is on its way! If – like me – you struggle to peel your peepers open in the morning, afraid to open the curtains to the dark day (even with the extra hour in bed!) then you might benefit from a little extra moisture!
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Murad Blackhead & Pore Clearing Duo


I’ve always had what I would consider enlarged pores on my face, particularly on my nose, and chin – where daily dirt and grub would collect, and sometimes result in breakouts – not to mention making my make-up and foundation wear unevenly. It took me years to work out what skin type I was, but thanks to my first consultation with Murad last year I was educated to find that I have combination skin. For me this means my forehead and the sides of my nose often get dry, but my chin and the front of my nose oily – go figure! I’m pretty lucky with the rest of my skin, and only tend to get spots in stress related/hormonal areas of my chin and around my mouth. I started using Murad’s Blackhead & Pore Clearing Duo summer last year, and am so pleased I discovered it!

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Beauty resolutions

Beauty resolutionsFor many the New Year means adopting a new attitude towards what you eat, and how much you work out – but how about your beauty regime? It’s time to clear out those products you’re not using, clean your make-up brushes, and get stuck into some beauty resolutions.
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New classics – firm favourites


I was recently asked what my favourite ‘new to me’ product of 2014 was. A bit like top classic movies, the little black dress, or favourite jeans – it’s pretty hard for beauty product new-comers to make it onto my ‘new classics’ list.

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