Recipeasy: Homemade Dawg Treats

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Like most modern dog owners, I sometimes wonder about the food that I give to Toby. On the whole, we’ve just carried on with the diet he was originally given by his breeder, figuring “if it ain’t broke” – but the increasing variety of options available has often momentarily stayed in my hand as I go to grab a new sack of his #basic biscuits.

Unsurprisingly, Toby doesn’t seem too bothered whether he’s eating designated dog food or chunks of truffled pecorino from a dangerously low-level cheese board (true story), and will happily chomp down on any old thing. We often joke about setting him up a street food blog where he could dispense hipsterish reviews of the rank flotsam and jetsam he picks up off the tarmac: “Old tennis ball – 4/5. Get here before the crowds do.”

Despite my dog’s inability to either confirm or deny his interest in fancy food, I can’t help but be drawn to the beautifully designed packs of organic, raw, 100% chemical free, artisan, gourmet-style dog chow that seem to be constantly encroaching on regular dawg food’s shelf space.

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“Yes, you absolutely can get a dog.”

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As the archive on the right will show, I’ve been somewhat lax about posting of late. Daisy’s been happily blogging away on all sorts of topics, from vintage beauty to beauty boxes, while I’ve just sat silently in the background wringing my hands with guilt at my lack of blog-related activity. I just couldn’t find the time to put fingers to keyboard – and it’s mostly because of this:

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Happy birthday, Roxy!


As well as being Easter Sunday and a day where it’s socially acceptable to devour all things chocolate that may stand in ones way like some kind of chocoholic PAC-man… today is also my little french bulldog Roxy’s fifth birthday. Time has really flown by, so I just wanted to share a selection of some of my favourite and most recent photographs I have taken of Roxy.

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Charlotte and I met for lunch today which is always a lovely, if not rushed activity before we both have to hurry back to our day jobs. While the latest finds and beauty products are always on the chit-chat itinerary, we found that today we shared the guilt/reality of the fact that it’s been over a month since the last blog post went up, and we’re awfully sorry. I believe it went something like this:


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