“Too much” make-up?

I was out last weekend enjoying plenty of drinks and laughter with good friends, until we bumped into a guy from my past – he felt the need to make a comment that was totally unsolicited: “You’re wearing too much make-up, Daisy.” Luckily it was the end of the evening, I was feeling merry on cider and had had far too much fun with people I care for, and who care for me – to even really care about what he’d said, but after waking up in the morning the next day it popped back into my mind and left me soberly pondering the topic…

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Cold weekends and chocolate-chip cookies

Winter’s definitely on the way. My garden’s disappeared underneath a thick blanket of leaves, the cats have grown luxurious winter coats and the daylight that’s on offer is more than slightly pathetic. Normally I love this season – it’s so much easier to look “ok” when you’re swathed in thick tights, giant coats and glorious scarves – but sometimes it’s tricky to get going.

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Confessions of a serial nibbler

Hi! I’m Charlotte, and I’m a nail biter.

I stopped once during two weeks of work experience in a vet surgery: the sensible part of my brain finally kicked into gear, yelling “DID YOU NOT SEE THAT SICK CAT OVER THERE STOP PUTTING YOUR FINGERS IN YOUR MOUTH” every time my hands snuck up to my face. But as soon as I returned to school, the nibbling returned with a vengeance.

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