About us

We are Daisy and Charlotte. We’ve worked together on creative and commercial projects since September 2012. Though we originally worked in the same office, since we created this blog in Spring 2013 Charlotte’s upped and left – and we no longer get to sit next to each other every day. With a mutual love of beauty, we started Not the Nine to Five as a place to write about the things we love that are nothing to do with our day jobs.

Daisy also continues to write a monthly beauty column for gorgeously glossy local lifestyle title Cambridge Edition. PR contacts and brands are very welcome to get in contact about Edition beauty features here: daisydickinson@bright-publishing.com

About Daisy
When I’m not working mega-hard publishing photo titles and organising brands, I love nothing more than taking my French Bulldog Roxy for long walks, continuing my search for the best coffee in Cambridge, driving my 1985 Ford Capri while listening to the Stones and Led Zep – and of course discovering and playing with new beauty products and make-up.

Big loves: vintage goodies and polka dot dresses, spiced rum, cocktails and cupcakes, photography, the smell of a American Muscle V8, popcorn and a good movie. My desert island must-have make-up items are: Liquid eyeliner, Clinque’s Turn Around Overnight, Mascara and a red lipstick!

About Charlotte
When I’m not scribbling for magazines, taking pictures of foodstuffs, loitering in restaurant kitchens or getting all creative with other over-excited types, I love nothing more than working out how I can improve my green Nissan Figaro (it’s a project!), watching my chickens dig up their patch of garden – and of course, ploughing through beauty blogs and forums to keep up to date with current cosmetics.

Big loves: macro lenses, yellow roses, thank you cards, uni-pin fine line pens & a new sketchpad, popcorn (hi-five, Daisy!) and peanut butter (but not together), boutique hotels, the Sussex seaside, gold ballet pumps and really good novels. My desert island must-have make up items are: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser, Benefit High Beam, Clinique’s Brush-on Cream Liner in Black Honey and a Nars Multiple stick.





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