Review | Bare Minerals brush conditioning shampoo


It’s no ones favourite job, but it’s gotta be done! Cleaning your make-up brushes keeps them germ-free and less likely to break you out, as well as making sure they’re doing the best job possible of even application, and is well worth doing as regularly as you can bear (ideally once a week). If you’ve invested in expensive brushes this is even more important to keep them in tip top condition and justify the cost.

A product I recently purchased is Bare Minerals well-cared for brush conditioning shampoo. I had a bit of a FeelUnique haul and figured it was a good a time as any to try it. If been looking for a cheaper alternative to the Beauty Blender Shampoo and felt reassured that Bare Minerals was bound to offer a decent option. 


It cost £9 for 120ml which should last at least a couple of months. Now a good beauty hack is to use baby shampoo, but I do feel like brushes are way softer with a dedicated formula which helps avoid an “after crunch” that some shampoos can leave on the bristles. This product comes in a handy bottle with flip lip which males it easy to squeeze into your hands before giving your brushes a good clean. It’s super gentle and although does require two or three pumps for well-used foundation brushes, it does offer a thorough cleanse.

Those wondering, my nail varnish is Daisy Gel Polish in 467 Legendry Diamond shellac manicure. ⭐️

Have you tried any other brush cleansers? Comment below!

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