Benefit majorette | review


It’s cold and grey outside, and if like me you’re struggling to stay sunny while the UK plunges into darkness – also known as the end of autumn – then it’s time to turn a light on your pretty little cheeks with Benefits warming Majorette blush. 


A pretty peach shade, this cream to powder blush has a sweet scent of pomegranate and peaches, and reminds me of summer! Packaged in an adorable cardboard surround it feels sturdy enough to withstand being chucked in a bag and has a dinky mirror inside too. I’m not the biggest fan of cream blushes but this one is soft and silky enough to apply with either fingertips or a brush and is uber blendable. Benefit also ensure it makes an excellent base to give other blushers a boost. Fair skinned gals like me (Casper) needn’t be afraid of the orange tone, it’s subtle enough to add a flush of colour without looking garish or too coral. 


Thank you Benefit for the major love on Instagram 😘

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