Foundation for pale skin | Lancôme 010 & Bobbi Brown Porcelain 0


It took me years to find the right colour match for my pale skin, and to understand that It’s also super common to need different shades for different areas of your skin – which was another reason that for me, one bottle has never matched me 100% and lead me on a wild goose chase for a product that probably doesn’t exist. If, like me you’ve had trouble finding your perfect match and have a pale complexion – read on! 


 It was a real light bulb moment when I discovered that my jawline is a totally different shade to the rest of my face – it’s a subtle change but makes the difference between one colour of foundation being either too dark or too light to look natural. Paler tones looked great on my jaw and melted invisibly into my neck, but the product would sit on my nose and cheeks in a cakey manner. Similarly a darker shade would look perfect over my cheeks and nose, but wouldn’t blend away, making it look – to me – like it was too obvious I was wearing foundation.


I’ve tried dozens of different foundations, from high street brands to expensive designer products, and for years used Maxfactor – but was never totally happy with the colour or coverage. Frustrated, a friend suggested I tried Lancôme Teint Miracle – so I headed to John Lewis and got a little tester trial pot after being matched as 010. Available in 20 shades for £29.50 it offers a luminous satin finish and feels really light and hydrating. I have combination skin and don’t find it drying, or oily. Perfect for my pale skin I can just about get away with wearing just this shade, but it does require blending well into my neck where I change colour. 


The life changer was when I had a Bobbi Brown make-up tutorial and was matched to the Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation in shade porcelain 0. It was one of those makeovers where I wanted to love the products and had already mentally committed to buying something afterwards so even when I wasn’t totally convinced with the look the MUA had given me, I went ahead and purchased the foundation, a concealer and a pretty red lipstick too. Upon getting home and trying the foundation myself I was annoyed to discover it seemed to be totally the wrong shade and sat across my nose, highlighting my pores in an unflattering way. In the drawer it went until I gave it another go weeks later. Trail and error  – and a little contouring know how – lead me to discover that it wasn’t a total waste and was in fact perfect for my jaw! Hoorah! Available in 19 shades for £31.50 this oil-free formula offers medium to full coverage and is reassuringly thick, though blends well.


The swatch to the left is the Bobbi Brown 0 Porcelain, and to the right is the Lancôme Teint Miracle in 010, you can see the latter has a warmer hue, with the former more yellow/blue toned. I use a Real Techniques foundation brush, sweeping one/two pumps of the Bobbi Brown across my cheek/jaw line, I then add a pump of Lancôme across nose and cheeks, using a beauty blender to dab and blend evenly. 



I always tidy up using a cotton bud, running it over my lips to get rid of any unwanted foundation – pale lips are not a good look! If needed (if I look incredibly tired like the above pics!) I will follow with a dab of Yves Saint Laurent Touch Éclat in shade 2 in downwards triangles under my eyes, blending well. And for any blemishes, I use Bobbi Brown Face Touch Up Stick in shade 0 Porcelain for anywhere below my cheeks, and Benefit Boing in 01 and 02 for anywhere above.


My look above is finished with Annastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade in Chocolate swept lightly over my brows with a Bellapierre brush in No.18, I’ve used Rimmel’s new Super Curler mascara and Une Breezy Cheeks cream blush in B02 (discontinued). On my lips is Burt’s Bees Hibiscus tinted balm.

Do you have a similar skin tone to me, or have perhaps experienced a foundation not matching your whole face? Comment below – I’d love to hear more suggestions! ❤️

2 thoughts on “Foundation for pale skin | Lancôme 010 & Bobbi Brown Porcelain 0

  1. Hi there!
    I realize this post is really old, but I stumbled across it during my own frustrated battle to find foundation to match my fair skin. Reading this was like reading my own story! I wore the wrong shades for years, then had an epiphany when discovering BB “porcelain”. Like you, it looks terrible around my nose – I have yet to find a substitute (I’m looking into NARS). I hadn’t thought of using two foundation shades on different places. Very clever!
    I’m so frustrated by the differing undertones on my face – and trying to match to my neck. I’ve tried so many brands/shades, dissatisfied with all so far. You’ve given me hope, and ideas! Thanks so much – and I love your red hair!


    • Hello! Please come and visit my current blog: I’m working on some foundation comparison reviews too! I currently use Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra in 010, which is one of the only shades I’ve found to work over my whole face and blend nicely – it’s such a good foundation. Also really like Kat Von D lock it foundation, but is fuller coverage. Come find me on instagram to chat – @thedayseyesuk x


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