St. Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion | Review


Tanning is a pain; if you can make it through application and survive the streaky bits or any missed patches it looks great and gives an instant glowing boost to lack-lustre skin, but let’s face it – it’s a bore to do. Whilst fantasising about beach holidays, shopping in Boots recently I heard an announcement over their in-store radio: tan while you shower with the latest product from St. Tropez… Say what??! Things that seem to good to be true often are, but I just had to find out for myself.

St_tropez_in_shower_lotion_.jpgThe most exciting part about this patent pending product is that it claims to take just three minutes to do its stuff! Using water to promote a gradual tan the thick creamy product should be applied in the shower to wet skin and left for just three minutes to work – it can then be washed off, with a tan appearing within 24-hours, which builds with reapplication. Exciting stuff! 

Following the instructions carefully I washed as normal in the shower – including my hair, which I didn’t want to leave till afterwards as I’m not sure shampoo flowing over the freshly applied product would do any favours! Turning the shower off I applied without a mitt and am a little sad to report does smell a touch like a typical floral biscuit scent associated with classic tanners. Accepting that this is totally something I could live as a compromise to easy tanning, I continued, making sure the product was worked well into my skin. Application was easy and the cream gave a subtle but reassurin lather. Washing my palms I then proceeded to stand awkwardly in the shower for three minutes – clock watching.


Three minutes certainly isn’t long when it comes to activating a golden glow, but boy does it drag when you’re standing getting chilly (naked 🙊 !!) in the shower. #FirstWorldProblems. For anyone trying this out I’d fully recommend having a bit of a plan, for me this included propping my iPad up to watch YouTube and having a cup of coffee ready to be sipped. Anyway – once you’re time is up, the formula washes easily off so you can pat dry and get on with your day. Simple! 

Results: I really really wanted to love this, and the routine became quite fun in a weird way, but I’m kind of gutted to report that this product just didn’t really do much for me and ended up seeming like as much effort stretched over a week, than it would be to just apply an over night tan like the St Tropez original lotion. I was also a little unsure about applying moisturiser once dry in case it messed with the science, particularly as it advises that it will offer your 24-hours hydration. I opted to dry and go and my skin did feel quite dry and flakey by the end of the week.


I took the pictures at the same time each day in natural light and haven’t edited them – as you can see I still look really pale!! 




I continued using the product for a further couple of days and did see the colour deepen, but not much. The colour I got was very natural with absolutely no streaks but I’m just not sure it’s worth the effort for such minimal payback and I much prefer the St Tropez express tan instead, which is also quick to use and can be left for less time to develop for a more subtle, natural colour. 

Have you used this product, what did you think? I’d love to hear feedback in the comments. ❤️




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