How to: get rid of hairspray residue


Hairspray is great, certainly no debate there – but if used it regularly or with particularly heavy duty types chances are at some point you’ll experience an unwanted build-up of product, leaving your hair with a white or crusty residue, yuk! Not only does this look naff but it leaves your locks less than shiny and healthy. Here’s a super-quick beauty hack for striping it out.

At the salon this Saturday my hairdresser pointed out (after washing my hair twice) that I had a white residue on my fringe that wouldn’t come out – eek! She was right, tiny white flecks made it look like I’d been painting, or almost as if my hair colour hadn’t stuck right. I’ve recently been getting my fringe cut a little shorter than normal and to keep it fixed from flying in the air – a la Something About Mary – a quick blast of hairspray has become part of my usual beauty routine. Conditioners and treatments wouldn’t make it budge and on my dark hair it really started to feel noticeable so after a quick Google I discovered I could potentially rid myself of this layer with a home beauty hack!

Get_rid_of_hairspray_residue.pngAll you’ll need is regular Bicarbonate of Soda! (Or baking soda to our American friends). Depending on the size of the area you’re looking to treat mix a couple of teaspoons of bicarb with a little dash of water and stir into a paste. I was just treating my fringe and this was plenty.

Get_rid_of_hairspray_residue.pngTip the mixture over your hair and work through with finger tips – it feels a little crunchy, like exfoliating but I figured this has to be a good thing. From googling, advice suggested to leave from anywhere between 2 to 15 minutes. With this being a trial I opted for just short of 5 minutes before adding a little shampoo and rinsing out.


After drying my hair as usual I’m actually so pleased with the results! I was expecting perhaps a little of the residue to reduce but I didn’t think it would completely clear it. Amazing. I would totally recommend this technique. Have you tried this, or got a similar hack? Id love to hear about it so please do comment below! ❤️

2 thoughts on “How to: get rid of hairspray residue

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. Every once in a while I have this problem, and it’s usually from using cheap products. I applied paste all over hair and left on for about 5 minutes. Visible residue is gone, and my hair feels great! No more tedious combing to remove the nasty buildup.


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