Too Faced new Love Flush Blush & Cocoa Contour


I’m a huge fan of Too Faced cosmetics and can admit with a mixed sense of delight and horror that I almost have everything from the collection that I really desire, but this Summer two new products were released in America which I couldn’t wait to get my eager little hands on. Love Flush Blush is a 16-hour, highly pigmented blusher in oh-so-sweet Polly Pocket-esque packaging, and Cocoa Contour is a boxed contouring palette set. I ordered both and waited impatiently for my treats to arrive…


I’m a pretty decisive person, but when it comes to make-up my mind tends to melt a little as I try to make a choice between two (or more) similar shades; be it lipstick, eyebrow gel, whatever! So, with six pretty shades to choose from – I simply couldn’t just have one. After scouring the internet for swatch reviews I settled on two colours that I felt would compliment my pink-cool skin tone. (I wear Lancôme 010).

Too_faced_love_flush_blush.pngThe first colour I picked was shamefully partly down to the fact I thought it came in the prettiest packaging! It’s called Justify My Love and is a bright pink pop with cool blue undertones. It’s described as having a gold shimmer, but this really is very subtle – more so than the Sweethearts blush which I also have but find a little too glittery for daytime. I then opted for a second colour, Love Hangover, which is a medium light pink with warm undertones and I found, is similar to Dainty by MAC. The coral/peach packaging is a little deceiving as I was expecting a shade similar to Benefit Majoroutte, however the powder inside offers a more subtle, natural flush.


You can see why I found it so hard to choose! Though the two colours look really different as products, once applied they are very similar, with the difference really being the tone. My favourite is Justify My Love; being cool toned it suits my skin tone more for an everyday, with Love Hangover being better suited to a more olive tone – so just find if I’ve applied a tan, or if summer actually turns up to give me a real glow! 

The product is really bold, and you have to quite careful not to apply too much in the first stroke. Using a light fluffy brush will help, building up the depth until you’re happy. Once on, the blush matched the wear-time I get from my Charlotte Tilbury blusher, at least 8-hours, with the colour only fading and fringing slightly after this. As for 16-hours, I haven’t tried it! I’m not sure I’d want to wear make-up for that long anyway! My only negative with this product is due to the – very pretty – pattern in the powder, it’s tricky to get totally even coverage on your brush, which means you don’t get a totally flush application, but I otherwise adore this already, and love how it looks in my make-up bag.


The next on my Too Faced wish list was the new Cocoa Contour palette. A beautifully presented box with two cocoa powder shades, a lighter powder shade and a highlighter; complete with kabuki brush and mirror. I’m quite into contouring at the moment but can’t stand a product that isn’t easy to blend, after saving up and buying the Anastasia Beverly Hills palette I was disapointed with how solid and in-blend able it was, but this one is just awesome. The fact that it’s so easy to blend and build upon makes it a great starter for anyone new to contouring.


With anti-oxidant rich cocoa powder and cocoa butter, it’s a hydrating powder that won’t dry the skin, and as well as being cruelty free (yay!) it also has the signature chocolate scent to lift your mood – delish! I tend to mostly use the medium cocoa, with the dark for nights out rather than day – but my skin tone is very pale. The light cocoa is perfect for under eyes, with the pop of light for cuspids bow, cheek bones and brow bones for a subtle shimmer. 


The Cocoa Contour is £28 direct from Too Faced, with Love Flush Blush at £18 each. Both of these products aren’t quite available in the UK quite yet, though are promised to hit Debenhams his month, however the American site now offer shipping direct to the UK with all priced quoted in pound sterling and duties and taxes calculated at checkout. 

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