Lush Easter Collection 2015


Since my festive tour of Lush at the end of last year, I have become something of a Lush mega-fan. I now look forwards to nothing more than a hot bath with a bomb or melt – with a g&t in hand, and The Good Wife on Netflix propped precariously on the tub too of course! I love that Lush brings out a new range of goodies each time a seasonal celebration comes around, and the the cutest excuse of all… roll on Easter.

Represented by bunnies, chicks and chocolate eggs the world over – you know Lush is going to pull out all the stops with some super-cute, and deliciously scented products for Spring – and they haven’t disappointed, I mean, come on – have you seen the Bunch of Carrots Bubble Bar?! * shrieks *
Introducing the range…


Fluffy Egg bath Bomb £2.95
Pretty in pink, this bath bomb smells like candyfloss. With similar fragrance to Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment and The Godmother soap, It’s a great way to get your sugar-fix without worrying about your waistline. Who am I kidding, I’m digging into a bag of M&Ms as I type!

Hoppity Poppity Bath Bomb £2.50
Get past the slightly Donny Darko looks of this Bath Bomb by dropping this fantastically fizzy little bunny directly into the bathtub under running water for a fresh, herbal experience! I was super-excited to see the inclusion of popping candy for adding a little fun to this cutsey bunny.

Immaculate Eggception Bath Bomb £6.95
With arguably one of the most entertaining names yet, Lush tells us not to count these irresistibly vanillary citrus eggs before they’re cracked… No one knows how they got there but cocooned inside the pink egg is an adorable chick and in the yellow, sleeps a bouncing bunny. Picture the scene, it’s Monday, you’ve had the most taxing day ever – maybe even throw in a hangover for good measure – you don’t think you’re going to make it through, but you do, and waiting for you at home is a hot bath and this surprise bath bomb – literally the best thing ever.



Bunch Of Carrots re-usable Bubble Bar £5.95
My favourite in the range, these dingly dangly carrots can be swished under your bathwater water to reveal bubbly clouds of tropical scent. Buchu, lemon and grapefruit oils revive the senses to offer a refreshing experience. Just like the magic fairy wand at Christmas, these cute carrots are reusable, so you can stick them on the side and keep going a few more times. (Beware, the colour can transfer onto white, so pop them on a soapdish!)

Somewhere Over The Rainbow Soap £4.25 per 100g

Any Rainbow Bright fans out there will swoon as much as I did at the pure sight of this soap. With rose absolute, Sicilian mandarin and neroli oils it smells as good as it looks. Heaven.

Pot O’ Gold Shower Jelly £3.50 per 100g / £6.95 per 240g
Reminiscent of my favourite cereal, this looks like the kind of stuff exciting enough to find at the end of the rainbow on your Lucky Charms (best enjoyed with chocolate milk, trust me – the cereal not the shower jelly). My first experience with a Lush Shower Jelly was at Christmas, when my good friend Hannah included the Sweetie Pie in my Christmas gift. It’s still going now and I love it! Lather all over your body for soft skin that feels as good as gold. With sweet orange oil, myrrh resinoid, fresh pineapple juice and vanilla absolute, this supremely indulgent jelly promises to add some shine to your showering and leave you feeling and smelling gorgeous.

Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt £3.75
The magpie in me is instantly drawn to the absolute beauty that is this golden egg, and with honey and toffee aromas – I’m sold. This bath bomb melt is packed full of Fair Trade Colombian cocoa butter so you know it’s going to leave your skin super-soft – and ready to shimmer your way into the Easter weekend!

Carrot Soap £3.95
We’re rooting for this bright and cheerful soap! Uplifting bergamot and Sicilian lemon oils mean nothing can nibble away at your happiness. Complete with a leaping white bunny in the centre, this soap is made with a palm free base.

Lush_Easter_2015_giftsGift Range
For those looking to gift something other than chocolate this Easter (please give me both!) the gift range at Lush does not disappoint. Great packaging as ever, and packed with deliciously scented goods – tuck in!

Rainbow Bright Gift £10.95
Somewhere Over The Rainbow soap
Pot O’ Gold jelly

Carrot Gift £17.50
Carrot soap
Golden Egg bath bomb melt
Carrot bubble bar

Funny Bunny Shower Gift £19.95
Carrot soap (100g)
Green FUN Whoosh shower jelly
Grass shower gel (100g)

Funny Bunny Bath Gift £19.95
Bunch Of Carrots bubble bar
Hoppity Poppity bath bomb
Fluffy Egg bath bomb
Dragons Egg bath bomb




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