“Too much” make-up?

I was out last weekend enjoying plenty of drinks and laughter with good friends, until we bumped into a guy from my past – he felt the need to make a comment that was totally unsolicited: “You’re wearing too much make-up, Daisy.” Luckily it was the end of the evening, I was feeling merry on cider and had had far too much fun with people I care for, and who care for me – to even really care about what he’d said, but after waking up in the morning the next day it popped back into my mind and left me soberly pondering the topic…

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Lush Easter Collection 2015


Since my festive tour of Lush at the end of last year, I have become something of a Lush mega-fan. I now look forwards to nothing more than a hot bath with a bomb or melt – with a g&t in hand, and The Good Wife on Netflix propped precariously on the tub too of course! I love that Lush brings out a new range of goodies each time a seasonal celebration comes around, and the the cutest excuse of all… roll on Easter.
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Bridal beauty

Bridal beauty 1

Whether you’re throwing a chic cocktail celebration for 20 on a chic roof terrace, hosting a hoedown for 100 at a fancy farm or tentatively tiptoeing down the aisle of a college chapels as you marry a minor royal (we can dream), we’ve got a selection of beauty looks that’ll get you to the church on time, and looking fabulous. Just pick the one that’s most like your dream wedding and start writing your shopping list…

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Murad Blackhead & Pore Clearing Duo


I’ve always had what I would consider enlarged pores on my face, particularly on my nose, and chin – where daily dirt and grub would collect, and sometimes result in breakouts – not to mention making my make-up and foundation wear unevenly. It took me years to work out what skin type I was, but thanks to my first consultation with Murad last year I was educated to find that I have combination skin. For me this means my forehead and the sides of my nose often get dry, but my chin and the front of my nose oily – go figure! I’m pretty lucky with the rest of my skin, and only tend to get spots in stress related/hormonal areas of my chin and around my mouth. I started using Murad’s Blackhead & Pore Clearing Duo summer last year, and am so pleased I discovered it!

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