Winter skin fix – Clinique Turnaround Overnight Radiance Moisturiser

If your skin struggles a little at this time of year going from blasts of central heating to freezing cold lashing wind, back to central heating again – a great way to hydrate and replenish cells is to give it the chance to recover while you’re sleeping. I’ve found this little pot of goodness, Clinique’s Turnaround Overnight Radiance Moisturiser to be the holy grail of a quick skin fix, and here’s why…

I am a big fan of Clinique and am often enticed to try new products to qualify for their frequent Bonus Time goody-bag offers (don’t judge me!) I picked up this moisturiser about three years ago and have sworn by it ever since. A little pricey at £36 for a 50ml pot, and lasting around 8-weeks it needs to be as good as it claims!

Clinique say that it will instantly reveal a healthy radiance by gently replacing dull, worn-out surface cells with livelier, more luminous ones. Skin breathes. Accepts moisture better. Then, it optimises up-and-coming cells to help the best and brightest emerge. So day after day, skin seems to glow from within. Becomes smoother over time. I can’t fault it.

Rich in texture, with very minimal scent the product is recommended to dry and combination skin. My forehead and temples really suffer from dryness in the winter and I’ve seen a huge difference from regularly using this moisturiser. Apply a thin layer after your usual cleansing routine before bed and then tucker down for sleep – the great thing about this product is unlike many night creams this doesn’t feel greasy and thick, or muck up your pillows – it sinks in beautifully leaving skin to breathe. It’s also worth noting that it’s very gentle and suitable for sensitive skin like mine, even around the delicate eye area.


I love products that have a ‘does what it says on the tin’ attitude, and this is definitely one of those. Though it claims to repair overnight with this being the optimum time for cell renewal – it’s not strictly a true statement – the skin works cleverly to repair 24-hours a day, however, it’s most likely your skin has its best chance of a break from make-up, being touched, and extreme temperature changes during your sleep, so this is why it’s the best time to apply.

If I’ve had a rough day and I’m feeling rank I like to get my make-up off as soon as I’m home, and then apply this cream, it’s so light that it won’t stop me carrying on my usual evening duties like dog walking, hoovering, emailing and general slobbing out on the couch eating popcorn and drinking wine. By the time the morning comes around and I hop in the shower it’s satisfying to be able to still feel a little of the product on my skin as I wash my face, I always get the impression it’s been working hard for all that time.


Once I’ve finished my usual morning skincare routine my skin feels supple and soft. If I don’t use this cream at night my skin is noticeably tighter and feels and looks dull. I was caught out on holiday once and had forgotten a daydream so was left to use this day and night and I had no problems with clogged pores or breakouts – I was able to use a thin layer during the day under my SPF. So if you don’t wear much in the way if make-up during the day and have very dry skin this could be an option for you too.

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If you’d like to try this moisturiser I would highly recommend popping into your nearest store and chatting with of of the Clinique reps, and if you decide to go for it, it’s well worth holding out for a bonus time offer. I just got a lovely little wash bag free when I bought two Clinique products and it was filled with mini goodies as well as a full size lipstick. For some reason it’s not showing up on Clinique’s site at the moment, but I just found it for only £30.95 at with free delivery (on orders over £15 in the UK).

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