Lush Valentine’s Day 2015 collection

lush valentine's day 2015
We’re feeling all loved-up and ready for February thanks to the release of the Lush limited edition Valentine’s Day 2015 collection. Hitting the shops today, we caught up with Lush to find out exactly what heartfelt delights we can expect to see in stores. So whether you’re looking for a V-day gift for your other half, a prezzie for your bezzie, or simply to treat yourself to some pamper time – there’s plenty of gorgeous goodies on offer!

lush valentine's day 2015

Love Locket bath bomb – £6.95
Unlock pure luxury and reveal a hidden heart
Just like a real love locket, this deliciously vanilla-scented bath bomb holds a hidden secret within. Cracking the locket in half will unveil the hidden heart in the centre and as the bath bomb fizzes away it will reveal little agar hearts too. Big enough for two baths or to be indulged in with one, the jasmine absolute, neroli oil and Fair Trade vanilla absolute will set the mood and fill the air with love.

Heart Throb bubbleroon – £3.65
All the romance of French patisseries in a passionate red shea butter sandwich
Take your skin to paradise, with beautiful essential oils and skin softening organic shea butter. This bubbleroon shares the same delicate and uplifting fragrance as LUSH’s African Paradise body conditioner and will turn your water a bright, passionate red to get you even more in the mood for love – woop woop! Simply crumble under running warm water to fill your bath with softening bubbles.

Cupid’s Love soap – £4.25
Get struck by cupid’s arrow with this deliciously fruity soap filled with fresh figs and passion fruit
This heart shaped lovesoap has an uplifting, fruity fragrance complete with bergamot and rosewood. They work together to create a rich scent, whilst fresh figs, passion fruit juice and soya yoghurt nourish and soften the skin.

Lonely Heart bubble bar – £3.50
Let your heart beat a little faster with this sexy, citrusy bubble bar in a flirtatious shade of red.
Red is the colour of passion and is said to make your heart beat a little faster! This lovely bubble bar will turn your bath water a shimmering red, with lemongrass oils, bergamot, jasmine and ylang ylang to lift your spirits. Inspired by the 2006 single ‘Lonely Hearts Still Beat the Same’ by The Research, there’s also a glimmer of golden lustre and plenty of cornflour to keep your skin soft.


Lush Valentine's Day 2015

Unicorn Horn bubble bar – £3.25
Shimmering, pastel coloured bubbles filled with lavender and neroli oils.
Is this not just the cutest thing?! Create a magical and enchanting bubble bath filled with beautiful neroli and lavender essential oils, with sparkling lustre and colourful candy stars enveloped in beautiful pink bubbles.

Floating Flower bath bomb – £3.50
A sensual jasmine bath filled with beautiful colours
Watch this multilayered bath bomb fizz away revealing a rainbow of serene colours. The petals of colour spread throughout the bath all while filling the air with the calming scent of jasmine and ylang ylang. Better than a bunch of flowers any day!

Prince Charming shower gel – £4.75
For the princess in your life
An old favourite is back, with a twist. Marshmallow root and fair trade vanilla pod decoction forms the base, giving a very soothing experience, boosted by nourishing almond oil and cleansing, cooling and astringent fresh pomegranate juice. Prince Charming has a new fragrance of organic sandalwood, geranium and grapefruit essential oils to sweep you off your feet and leave you skin silky soft and smelling lovely. We’re told that inspiration for this came from Prince Charming, by Adam and the Ants, to make you feel dashing and decadent. (it’s stuck in our heads already!)


Lush Valentine's Day 2015

The Kiss lip gloss – £5.95
Pucker up with this super slick pink gloss
Add a pop of colour with this favourite returning lip gloss, made with fair trade shea butter from the SLush Fund project, Ojoba Women’s Cooperative in Bolgatanga, Ghana, to leave your lips moisturised. Complete with plumping guarana seed powder and delicious organic agave syrup, organic mandarin and almond essentials to make your lips irresistible.

The Kiss lip scrub – £5.50
Buff your lips to pouting perfection this Valentine’s Day
For a delectable pout dip into this deliciously sweet and perfectly pink scrub, the same flavour as The Kiss lip gloss. Caster sugar, sea salt, edible red hearts and hundreds and thousands will polish and keep your lips kissable. Dab a little on and buff, licking off the excess – delicious!


Lush Valentine's gifts


I Only Have Eyes For You – £36.95
Contains: Eyes Right mascara; Decisive lip stick; Bubblegum lip scrub; Gorgeous moisturiser (45g).

In Your Dreams – £8.95
Contains: Unicorn Horn bubble bar; Granny Takes a Dip bath bomb

Toucan Love gift – £10.95
Contains: Prince Charming shower gel (100g); Shades of Earl Grey massage bar

Yes – £22.50
Contains: Yes Yes Yes massage bar; Prince Charming shower gel; African Paradise body conditioner; The Kiss lip gloss (100g).

Two Hearts gift – £17.50
Contains: Heart Throb bubbleroon; Love Locket bath bomb; Cupid’s Love soap.

 Lots of Love gift – £36.95
Contains: Heart Throb bubbleroon; Lonely Heart bubble bar; Prince Charming shower gel; Love Locket bath bomb; Sex Bomb bath bomb; Cupid’s Heart soap; Pearl massage bar.

The new Lush collection is out TODAY in stores, and online.

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