November beauty favourites

Could someone please let me know where on earth November went please?! In fact it’s been such a busy month for me at work that I’m sad to say it didn’t leave much room for my non-nine-to-five fun. That said, there’s always room to discover new trends and make-up, so here are my faves from the month gone.


MAC Heirloom Collection Lipstick in No Faux Pas – £17.00 –
This beautifully rich shade of plum pink is from MACs holiday Heirloom collection. In appropriately festive, glitter packaging, this matte formula glides on easily and gives a dusky deep colouration to the lips. For me, the shade is PERFECT, and thanks to the clever components tends to look slightly different on each skin-toned wearer. When a couple of my friends have tried it out the look has been slightly unique. As with most matte lipsticks the colour does dry a little midday, but I find adding a little balm just to the middle of your lips helps combat this before it starts to dry, for this I prefer Lucas’ PAW PAW balm. I’m hoping they continue this colour well into the New Year!

MAC Heirloom Collection Mineralize Blush in Sweet Sentiment – £23.00 –
Another goody from the festive collection, this highly-pigmneted blush from MAC is available in two shade -, my preference always being a blue-toned pink – and gives an easily blend-able powder finish. There is some glitter/sheen in the product, but I find it really really subtle, which is to my personal taste – it also makes it perfect for highlighting cheekbones. As with other MAC blushers, I find this product really “user-friendly” as the formula is easy to layer. I add a little swirl to my brush, shake it hard, blend, and repeat until I’m happy. Remember, it’s much easier to add more than to take it back!

PUR Minerals blusher brush – $28 –
Pur Minerals is a brand I’ve been loving since I was introduced to their 4-1 pressed minerals make-up and this cute brush set doesn’t disappoint. With everything you need to create a professional and flawless appearance – my favourite in the set is this gorgeous blusher brush – which I swear has helped improve the way I apply blush. Remember that blusher should not go right up to your nose – a good guide it to place one finger next to your nose, parallel, smile and work the blush away from the nose, up into the apples of your cheeks.

Benefit D’Finer D’Liner – online
This is an amazing product, and one that I’m gutted to report seems to have been discontinued!! Unlike a coloured lip liner, this clear formula is fool-proof, and can be whizzed around your lip line lickety split to create a barrier for any unwanted lipstick bleed. Why it’s discontinued? No idea -though I love a coloured lip liner, this is my go-to for a fast lip look – particularly if I need to get out the door fast for work, I can quickly apply in a slightly haphazard fashion, then take a little more care with my Lip stick for a long lasting look without my bug-bear bleed. I picked one up on Ebay for about £8, but the good news is that Urban Decay do one for £13 here which I would imagine is pretty similar. Phew!

Olympus PEN E-P5 camera – From £599.99 –
Finally, a girls best friend really ought to be a beautiful camera like this stunning Olympus PEN E-P5. Fast making a name for itself as the bloggers go-to camera, you can see why the PEN range of cameras are so popular. They’re beautifully retro, super lightweight and easy to use. Being a CSC (compact system camera) they are mirrorless, which means unlike a big DSLR camera, they won’t weigh you down and can be easily stashed in the smallest of handbags – but still pull out the stops when it comes to performance. The majority of my photography on this page was taken with a PEN, and my favourite lens is the 25mm F/1.8 for beautifully blurred backgrounds and gorgeous bokeh. If you’re a blogger and you fancy a discount code for one of these gorgeous cameras – please contact us!

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