How to: get rid of split ends!

Long hair, don’t care? Chances are if your hair is past shoulder length and looking a little ratty then you might! I’ve had long hair for years now, and the longer (and older!) it gets, the worse my split ends become – especially with the added damage from heat and styling. Don’t get your tresses in a stress though, my hairdresser showed me a quick fix for ridding yourself of those nasty ends, even if they go higher up your barnet than you’d like to lose, so you can still have long, luscious locks!

You’ll need a pair of hairdressing scissors – which you can easily pick up in Boots – or otherwise the sharpest pair you can find at home, and a pot of coconut oil, which is readily available in supermarkets and health food stores like this MiaFlora tub from Holland and Barrett for £6.99. To start, brush your hair smooth – I like to use a tangle teaser – and then take a section of hair, twisting it tightly from the top of your head to the tip, like how you would make a bun.

You should see any split ends poking out of the twist away from the rest of the hair. On my dark red hair they look like little white dots at the end of the hair strands so it’s quite easy to see them prickling out using this method.

Being really, really careful take your scissors and snip away the raggy split ends that are away from the hair twist – please take huge care here not to hack your hair off – we’re just aiming for teeny ends! The action of twisting the hair forces any split ends to surface not just from the end of your hair, but even higher up the length too, which is handy if you have layered hair and are not quite ready for that pixie crop just yet!

Once you feel happy that you’ve banished the bad bits, take your coconut oil and smooth a dollop through your hair. If you’re heading to bed you can really go to town and slather a generous amount from root to tip – or if you’ve got the day ahead of you, just a teaspoon amount concentrating only on the ends will leave you with a shiny and slick finish.

Be warned, this stuff smells delicious and may attract small cute dogs to your hair-do like nones business! You shouldn’t have to snip away at your hair like this very often, but it’s a handy trick in between hair appointments. The coconut oil however can be applied daily and is a seriously versatile product, while you’re slapping it on your hair it’s also going to be conditioning your hands and cuticles too. You can use it on any dry patches too like elbows and knees – I use it on my dry forehead or chapped lips. I also cook with it (oven baked kale with salt – omg!) and I smooth it over Roxy’s dry little bulldog nose too.

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