The ultimate long-wear lipgloss?

Those who know me know I’m a bit of a bold-lip obsessive. I adore classic pillar-box reds and deep plummy fuchsia’s, and am forever on the lookout for that perfect catch-all shade. But what I hate is lip colour that doesn’t last.

I work a pretty stressful job where I don’t have much time for touching up my makeup, so I try to use products I can rely on all day for a flawless(ish) finish. I’ve tried countless lipsticks with liners and balms, stain and glosses and am often left disappointed. Maybe my expectations are too high, but when a product claims “long-wear” I feel us beauty-fans deserve it to deliver!

A problem I’ve found is that while matte lipsticks are great for staying power, they can also dry and crumble where your lips meet. Where as anything too balmy or slick will bleed or slip off your bottom lip – making it look more like you’re having a smudging-ly-good and stealth-like office romance than a presenting the chic and colourful look you had in mind.

Now, I’d all but said goodbye to glosses, thinking fondly of them as something I adored in my adolescence for their cute and fun packaging and delicious fruity flavours. (Juicy tubes in the 90s anyone?) but lipstick is for for grown ups right? Recently Smashbox reminded me that there should still be a place for a good gloss in my makeup bag, and here’s why.

The new range of Be Legendary Long-wear (the claim!) Lip Lacquer is amazing! It comes in a choice of 20 awesome colours, in simple packaging. It doesn’t have a weird smell or taste, and has a little sponge applicator that allows you to define your lip shape more easily than some gloss wands. And the best bit? It stays on for ages! No ghastly lipstick on the teeth moments in meetings (oops!) and it doesn’t dry out like a matte finish either.

For those of you not keen on a super high-gloss finish, I would say it definitely resembles more of a lipstick finish, which suits me fine. While it does require a little touch up after eating, it doesn’t leave you wanting to scrub your face off as soon as the days out, and is in fact almost moisturising. I’ve gone for the namesake colour Legendary, which retrials at £19, and can be bought here. Or in Boots stores.


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