Pretty, pretty


Growing up on a farm I wasn’t the girliest of girls – but who can resist a lovely bit of pastel pink? A quick post today to show off some of my latest goodies – ideal for a pop of colour and brightening an otherwise gloomy pre-winter day!

How cute is this Moschino bunny iPhone case! squeal available in a range of colours I like this pale grey shade and figured it won’t get too grubby in my bag.

Another item that arrive today was this gorgeous nautical watch from Hong Kong (see previous post here on my eBay love affair!) I may have ordered it back in August but it only cost £1.46 – arghh!

There was audible delight on my lunch break at work last week when I came across these amazing boston terrier make-up brushes on Forever 21. I bought the set for £3.50 but they’re now down to just £2.90 for a complete set of five brushes.

A brand that I’m falling in love with all over again is Too Faced, and this Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush in There’s Something About Berry is just gorgeous. Down to £21.36 at Beauty Bay it will last ages and you can keep the cute packaging afterwards too.

For pretty pink nails with an autumnal gold tone, this Barry M Aquarium Collection nail polish in 415 Mediterranean is perfect or perk up a gloomy day. I got this for £3.99 from Superdrug.

The cute rose earrings are from Dorothy Perkins, the candle is from ikea set in a gorgeous ceramic bowl with a rose design, and the Hello Kitty tin was from Claire’s Accessories.

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