A Hong Kong, eBay love affair!


I discovered a couple of years ago that you could buy really cute Chinese merchandise and jewellery with ease from eBay. This was a godsend for unique and non-expensive gifts, so I sleuthed a little further and also discovered some amazing little make-up brands and treats for myself like this super cute panda eyeliner, which cost me just 99p including postage and is actually a really similar formula to Mac’s liquid liner.

One of the massive draw backs is having to wait for up to a month for your purchases to arrive, so if you’re impatient (like me) this might be difficult! But I promise if you choose wisely it’s well worth the wait. Feeling a little braver I chose some highly pigmented lipgloss colours which can be mixed together to create further shades and can also double as a blush. I picked and purchased three colours at 99p each and waited for the post!

What I actually did was promptly forget what I’d ordered until a cute little package covered with Chinese symbols arrived at my office a couple of weeks later. The colours are lovely and blend together really nicely for shades to suit your skin tone. Having now enjoyed some pretty successful eBay selections I’m looking into more Asian brands and have already found some great reviews on products from across the pond, as well as a few due to land in UK stores too. To be continued…

2 thoughts on “A Hong Kong, eBay love affair!

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