New classics – firm favourites


I was recently asked what my favourite ‘new to me’ product of 2014 was. A bit like top classic movies, the little black dress, or favourite jeans – it’s pretty hard for beauty product new-comers to make it onto my ‘new classics’ list.

I’ve definitely got my firm all-time favourites, which I’ve found pretty hard to beat – but I’ve recently been opening my mind and broadening my makeup bag a little more – making room for some new make-up treats. Here are my top 3…


The first switch was going from my beloved Body Shop black liquid eyeliner to Sleek’s version. As anyone who knows me will tell you, I’m rarely caught without my cat-flick eyeliner and I’ve tried ALOT of the options out there from khol, kajal, liquid, gel and pens, nothing ever matched the consistency and staying power of the Body Shop offering. Until Sleek, where the brush is just a little bit more reliable, and the formula a little more black.


My second make-up move was settling on a hard-working primer. Since the High-street finally cottoned on and primer became trendy last year, there’s so many great choices on offer, but I found myself never quite happy with the results. I’ve got (I think) fairly open pores on my nose, and rather than I hide these I found many primers, particularly those that were silicon based actually made this problem more visible. When I started using Murad’s Oil Control Mattifier last year it was a real light bulb moment. Not strictly classed as a primer this product has an appearance and consistency compatible to PVA glue – bear with me – but once worked into your skin it offers a light and fresh feeling that you can use on clean skin without a moisturiser. With SPF 15 it’s ideal to use under foundation in the day, and it seriously locks your make-up in place, but doesn’t stop you blending like some primers do. I LOVE this product!


Finally, another product that I am fiercely fond of. A bit like mascara I always feel my foundation should look better, last longer etc, and have often been left feeling dissatisfied when my make-up slips midday or the colour doesn’t quite match. Following a recommendation from a good friend and fellow Clinique-bonus-time-freak, I tried a sample of Lancome’s Teint Miracle and was sold. I’ve been through two bottles since then, loving the dewy glow and staying power. But after a severely hungover sopping experience I bought the wrong type, instead purchasing Lancome Teint Idole Ultra, in the same 010 shade, the formula was thicker and offered a more matte appearance without feeling sticky or heavy. I LOVE it! Im on my second bottle now and have since passed the Lancome batton to another friend who I’m sure could tell a similar love story.

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