“Yes, you absolutely can get a dog.”

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As the archive on the right will show, I’ve been somewhat lax about posting of late. Daisy’s been happily blogging away on all sorts of topics, from vintage beauty to beauty boxes,¬†while I’ve just sat silently in the background wringing my hands with guilt at my lack of blog-related activity. I just couldn’t find the time to put fingers to keyboard – and it’s mostly because of this:

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Happy birthday, Roxy!


As well as being Easter Sunday and a day where it’s socially acceptable to devour all things chocolate that may stand in ones way like some kind of chocoholic PAC-man… today is also my little french bulldog Roxy’s fifth birthday. Time has really flown by, so I just wanted to share a selection of some of my favourite and most recent photographs I have taken of Roxy.

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New classics – firm favourites


I was recently asked what my favourite ‘new to me’ product of 2014 was. A bit like top classic movies, the little black dress, or favourite jeans – it’s pretty hard for beauty product new-comers to make it onto my ‘new classics’ list.

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