Magnificent metallics and pretty PEN pics…


I was off work with a horrible cold earlier this week – so had to pass the time while also being bedridden. I’d been gagging to try out the Ted Baker duo, Golden Girl, a slick light metallic gold and a super chic gold glitter. So this was the ideal activity to make me feel a bit better.

It’s a good opportunity here to introduce some rather dear things to me – at Christmas time I was lucky enough to be awarded with Employee of the Year *aw shucks* and this bagged me a new ipad air. I’d convinced myself before this that I didn’t need one – but now I take it all back! I love the darn thing, in fact I’m sitting here happily padding away on it while it cheerfully plays the Nashville soundtrack to me. I digress.

The other item is the beautifully retro Olympus PEN E-P5 which I simply cannot be without – it’s also the perfect partner to my ipad, as it features built-in wifi meaning I can easily upload my blog shots straight from my camera into my ipad (or smart phone) this means I can spend more of my time in bed (yay) farting around with cool photo apps and effects, primping my pics for the blog rather than hunting about looking for cables and card readers – or waiting for my laptop to start up (first world problems!) but in all seriousness – for a busy girl, any admin time I can save means more time doing fun stuff.


I’ve been asked a few times now what I use to take my flickr, Instagram and blog shots – well this is it! A lightweight compact system camera that I can fit in my handbag without weighing me down – and let’s face it, it looks gorgeous too with retro styling. The shots are easily DSLR quality and there are plenty of funky art filters which means you can easily create blog ready shots in-camera. The Olympus Image Share app is free to download and super quick to use, I use it it everyday as am currently in my second year of a 365 photo per day project.

So, back to the polish. I used 3 coats – but 2 would be ample, I went for 3 because I had more time (in bed) than normal. I used a Nails Inc base coat and Kensington caviar top coat. I’m so impressed with this colour, it’s a really clean gold, with no nasty yellow undertones. My plan was to add the glitter over the top when it started to threaten to chip, but I’ve been wearing it for 3 days now and it’s still going strong.




3 thoughts on “Magnificent metallics and pretty PEN pics…

  1. Such a beautiful camera! *drools* I just started using the Olympus Share app and it’s completely brilliant – cutting out all the cables is bliss and, as you say, playing with photo apps without having to email yourself the pic etc etc! Lovely post! 🙂


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