Penguin Nail art


Last week I finally got around to attempting some nail art I had seen on Instagram (thanks to SheWhoDoesNails) that I had wanted to try for weeks. These are hand painted but look amazing! With the right colours, some fine paint brushes and a little patience it shouldn’t take longer than 2 hours to achieve these nails for yourself.

Untitled-1Start by priming your nails, buff, polish – whatever your usual routine is pre-paint. I shape, buff and use Nails Inc base coat to keep my nails in as good condition as I can hope for with how frequently I wear polish (alot!). Then use a deep black polish, two coats, all over. I chose Mavala for this, as it gives a strong, thick finish, making it an ideal base. Once this has dried fully, carefully paint white semi-circle shapes for the penguins bellies, most manicure sets will have a good white polish with them.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThen, dip the fine brush/or cocktail stick back into the white nail polish and add two dots for the eyes. I cleaned my brush and used a bright orange colour to paint on the little beak as a triangle pointing down. Then, re-load the brush and add two little feet at the tip of the nail. I used two coats of polish for each step – so make sure plenty of drying time is left in between coats.

Finally, use a cocktail stick or brush to add two little black dots for eyes, and voila! I wanted these nails to last as long as possible so I added a final coat of Nails Inc Kensington Caviar top coat, however, you have to be pretty quick, and don’t use more than three brushes full on each nail as you risk bleeding and smudging your hard work. I got 5 full days out of these beauties before I saw any chips appearing.



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