Placenta: for bovine-beautiful hair

So this happened today:

Photo 2

Yes, as you can see Charlotte and I were both horrified today when we thought a hair oil product we both use contained PLACENTA! I mean, come on! COME ON! That’s just gross. Luckily after a little wide-eyed, hurried research it turned out the hair oil from Primark we’d both been singing the praises of, doesn’t actually contain someone (or somethings) after-birth (yuk, yuk, yuk) but that the company that produces it does indeed stock a range of products which do!

Now, for me, i’m pretty careful about ingredients, from what goes into my French Bulldog’s dinner (no cereals, no beef, pork or chicken, no meat meal…) to avoiding the use of palm oil at all costs (bye bye Pretzel Flipz) and I would say that caviar in facemasks was about as far as i’d take the gross-factor when it comes to beauty contents – but a living thing’s placenta just doesn’t sit right with me, and i’d rather not slap one all over my hair, even if it does promise to “restore life and lustre to abused hair”. Eek.

The description goes on to say: “Placenta is full of rich nutrients, proteins and Hyaluronic Acid, one of Mother Nature’s richest natural moisturizers that can hold moisture for a lengthy time.” Ew. But don’t worry folks, the little disclaimer at the end should make us all feel better… “Placenta Extract used in Hask products is from bovine placenta (cow), collected after the natural birthing process in its purest and most stable form of Lyophilized Powder.  No human Placenta Extract is used.”


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