Prime time – make your make-up work harder!

With the weather taking a terrible turn, and Christmas around the corner (yes, we haven’t started our X-mas shopping yet either!) there’s never been a better time to think a little harder about your skincare routine. Harsher winter weather means protecting the skin most exposed to the conditions – and this season, that means your face! Get yourself a great primer and make your make-up work harder. Take a look at our recent article from Cambridge Edition and Bury Edition September issues.

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Charlotte and I met for lunch today which is always a lovely, if not rushed activity before we both have to hurry back to our day jobs. While the latest finds and beauty products are always on the chit-chat itinerary, we found that today we shared the guilt/reality of the fact that it’s been over a month since the last blog post went up, and we’re awfully sorry. I believe it went something like this:


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