The really wild show… hopefully not!

My job means that I’m often lucky enough to visit some pretty cool places, and play with some pretty cool cameras too. This week was one of those times. Along with a small team, I organised a photography day with Olympus at the British Wildlife Centre in Surrey, a great charity centre promoting conservation and British wildlife, as well as providing an enriching sanctuary some some cute creatures.

Now, what has this got to do with our usual blusher blurbs? Well, as the all-day-long ‘host’ of such an event, and with temperatures threatening 32 degrees no less, what should one wear on ones face!! Wearing make-up well in hot weather is a tough one, you only need to check out Charlotte’s recent blog to see how extreme things can get! Foundations fear to slip, mascaras melt off your eyes, and lipstick can leave you feeling a less lovely!

I didn’t manage to snap a picture of ‘before’ I left, but here’s my kit of choice for sunny days. I should add, I also used Dermalogica’s Oil Free Matte SPF30 sun defense under my makeup…

With a 2 hour journey ahead of me and the Wildlife day promoing plenty of grubbing about in dust, dirt, and goodness knows what else in the burning sun – I knew I’d need something to keep me looking cool in front of clients. I opted for one of my very favourite Dermalogica products, their Clearing Mattifier Gel. I LOVE this product, it goes on so smooth and acts as a soft base/primer for make up, keeping any sneaky oil threating to pop out at bay, all day, yay! To follow, I used a foundation that’s new to me, Clinique’s Pore Refining Solutions Instant Perfecting Make Up, which so far, I am loving – very hard wearing, without slipping, even though I had to constantly wipe my poor sweaty brow during the day! For any imperfections, I also love Benefit’s Boi ing cover up, I have a small palette from their How To Look The Best At Everything box.
UntitledGoing for long-term products, I also opted for Clinique’s Lash Building Primer a white formula that gently but confidently builds beautiful curls, ready for your mascara – my choice at the moment (I change mascaras alot!) Maybelline’s The Colossal Volum’ Express Cat Eyes Mascara (What a name!) which for me, promotes further curl without having to bother with curling tools. Some would say my ‘trade mark’ look is the quick slick of liquid eyeliner I wear most days, and for me my favourite product for this is The Body Shop’s black Liquid Liner, it’s gentle and has an easy to use brush, it also lasts for ages without the formula changing or crumbling away, and best of all does not irritate my eyes or make them water like I’ve found some brands do. To finish my look, my favourite Mac item – their Eyebrow Crayon in Lingering, which is one of my desert island items, this stuff is super super good. It was recommended to me years ago by a friend, and since then everyone who I’ve also recommended it to also loves it, it’s like being in an excited little club. The shade is perfect, and this stuff sticks!! No amount of sweating shifted it, even when I had to rub the dirt and sweat from my forehead – however when the time came at the end of the day, it’s also mega easy to remove, winner!

4 hours in the car, red squirrels running up my leg, kneeling in otter poop, 32 degree sun, squinty foxes, flapping owls, plenty of dirt and then driving a further hour after getting home to pick up my Capri from its MOT later… and this is how I looked, not completey horrendous considering the amount I had to, quite literally, face!


And here’s some of the pictures I bagged…


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