She’s gone balmy

I have a problem. As this swiftly scribbled cartoon, drawn on a train journey last week, will testify.

balm talesAll someone has to do is show me a pretty pot with the word “BALM” emblazoned on the side, and I’m reaching for my purse before I’ve even blinked. Lips, eyebrows, elbows, cuticles, you name it – balm’s handy for almost everything.

I own more balm than is possible to get through in a lifetime. I can’t recall “hitting pan” on a single pot/tube – I just end up owning more. I’m pretty sure they’re breeding while my back’s turned.

For science, I ran around my house, tipped handbags upside down and rummaged in pockets: here’s my current balm haul. And even seeing this picture, I feel like I need more!

balm haul

For pure soothing-balmness, there’s Trilogy’s everything balm (already raved about in my last post) or the Sence stick, found in a goody bag and treasured greatly – or the Mango Kiehl’s tube which snuck into my stocking a few Christmases ago. The Vaseline Creme Brulee was a bit of a sweet mistake, but the container’s now being used to house a smudge of 100% shea butter goodness. Lush’s Lip Service has changed container since I first parted with cash for it so many years ago, but I still love this more weighty balm for its intense moisturising (especially good pre-application of Lush colour).

Moa’s Green Balm is a new one on me, but one which I now can’t live without – it’s currently my cleanser of choice and thoroughly recommended for sloughing off the day’s grime.

I’ve been a dedicated lover of Smith’s Rosebud Salve ever since my first stint in the Big Apple and my induction into the wonder that is Sephora – those pre-checkout trays of “teeny tiny cosmetics” just can’t be resisted.

For a quick snap of colour on cheeks or lips, Vaseline’s Rosy Lips tin is a complete steal – while Sleek’s moisturising Pout Polish is both soothing and stylish in a single pot. And dead cheap for a cheerful lunchtime treat.

Finally, the two other brands in my life – starting with the unlabelled pots. The anonymous tubs of balmy goodness are created by Lis Rushmer, my other half’s mum – who’s currently brewing up her own brand of organic, all-natural skincare and beauty treatments just outside of Manchester. It’s so new that her brand doesn’t even have a name yet! These two are a rose face butter and a coconut body balm – both delicious, both moisturisingly soothing and both extremely treasured. We’ll keep you posted if she ever gets her little shop online – I’m perhaps a little biased, but it’s darn good.

From another Elizabeth it’s Eight Hour Cream, spotted here in tube form and classic tub – the only really permanent fixture in my beauty bag. I love the tale of how this 1930’s invention would restore skin overnight while Arden’s workers slept for eight hours straight (jealous!). Dabbed on my chapped lips throughout my childhood, this unchanging substance with its unmistakeable scent (please don’t go for the unfragranced one) is my desert island product and the only balm that’ll truly soothe my cares. But despite my dedication, it doesn’t hurt to check out the competition once in a while – especially when the competition comes in such a cute little pot.

~ Charlotte x

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