Keep calm and Catastrophe Cosmetic


What came first, the stress or the spot? Or was it perhaps the comfort eating copious amounts of Dairy Milk as a result of the stress that brought on the said spot! Either way, it’s been a testing week for me in terms of keeping calm and carrying on (and it’s only Tuesday!). As a girl who’s usually rather lucky when it comes to ‘problem skin’ I don’t often suffer with spots, but when I do my goodness they tend to be large and sore – and probably exactly at the time of a social event. Typical.

While writing the latest beauty feature for Cambridge Edition Magazine a product we included in a natural round-up was the facemask Catastrophe Costmetic from Lush. Reading up about this super fruity product made me hanker for a pot in my own fridge having completely forgotten I already had one waiting for a skin emergency. The great thing about Lush’s fresh products is they last for ages in the fridge – just don’t muddle them up with your guacamole and dips!

Untitled-2Upon discovering my horrendously unwanted new facial accessory I took to the fridge to find some cooling cucumber to relieve my self-pity, and, Hoorah! Lush to the rescue. This is the first time I’ve tried this particular marvel pot and my first impressions were good. A light fruity scent, with the reassuring texture of a hardworking clay. The product has visible blueberry pieces full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals (sounds like I should be eating this!) and along with Irish moss gel promises to soften the skin, with almond oil to moisturise and leave it supple. Rose absolute and chamomile essential oil are added to reduce redness and irritation and calamine and talc will deep clean and soothe the skin at the same time.


Lush tells me that all these delish ingredients combined together will provide your skin with a good deep cleanse without causing puffiness – leaving the face cool, clear and calm, just what I was after! I applied the mask as I ran a bath, it was easy to smooth over my face using my fingertips, and while the super cold clay gave a hint of the breath-taking feeling similar to jumping into a cold swimming pool, it soon warmed while offering a refreshing effect. Although lumpy, the product stayed on my face without dropping into the bath as I relaxed for around 20 minutes. (The pot suggests 10 minutes of use, but I felt the product was gentle enough to leave longer.)


Once I was ready to get on with life and emerge from my bathroom sanctuary, I found the mask washed off really easily and left my skin feeling soft and calm. I was really impressed with just how settled my skin felt, especially having felt sore from the nasty spot all day. Unfortunately it’s not a complete miracle worker and I fully expect my spot to hang around a few days longer, but I definitely feel it’s helped sooth my skin and restore a bit of calm back to my expression.

A definite thumbs up from me, and something to keep in the kitchen when the Gin just wont cut it. All of Lush’s fresh face masks are preservative-free and should be stored in the fridge. Catastrophe Cosmetic costs £5.95 for 75g and can be bought in your local Lush store or online here.

~Daisy x

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