Sunday liptint pick-me-up.


With a big work project cutting into my Saturday, I really felt in need of a little treat this weekend. I was tired – and felt a little drab after not much sleep, and lots of stress. I’ve dabbled with liptints in the past, and while I love Benefit’s Benetint, especially for it’s multiple uses, I’m often left a little disappointed with the bleed, which is a draw back I’ve experience with a few tints in the past.

Looking for a liptint that would last as long as I do on a typical work day, I came across Rimmel’s Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Transferproof Liptint and balm. I’d heard great things about this chunky little felt-pen style stick and so I settled for a creamy looking rose colour, ‘600 Carry on Cherry’.

When I clicked the lid off, the pen had glorious apple-like scent reminiscent of a ‘scented cupcake dolly’ I had as a child, and so was already scoring high on my list. I’m a big fan of pen-style applicators for make up including eyeliner, and this did not disappoint. Really easy to use with a vibrant colour. I love that there is also a balm at the other end of the stick, so with a quick slick my lips felt nourished. With other tints I found I would have to apply a little balm or gloss over the top to stop any dry or tight feeling.


I am LOVING this colour, which is still going strong after a few hours of wear, including having had a latte, which left minimal transfer on the cup. I don’t know about 1000 kisses, but I have been scoffing some popcorn this evening (1000 pieces?) and the lip colour is still looking fierce. And best of all… no bleed! Yay.

I bought this Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Transferproof Liptint and balm in 600 Carry on Cherry from Boots, for £5.99. There are 6 lovely bright shades to choose from, and a range of lipliners.

~Daisy x

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