A brief introduction

Recently, Daisy and I formally became beauty journalists. This actually made more sense than you might think: as anyone who knows me outside of my camera-toting day-job will testify, I am mildly obsessed with cosmetic products in a sort of thoughtful, prodding, “I’m-not-entirely-sure-how-this-works-but-gosh-darn-it-let’s-give-it-a-crack” kind of way. And as I sometimes identify as a writer type, mashing the two interests together into one seemed like a fun idea.

I’m still not entirely sure how it is I’ve worked out what to do with these delightfully-packaged items. I feel slightly fraudulent because I would hardly call myself an expert, especially given my teenage experiments with overly-orange foundation, No17’s glitter-bomb of a product called Angel Dust (where my entire yeargroup sparkled like proto-Twilight vampires for about six months) and a particularly ill-advised lipstick from Superdrug which was metallic lilac (shudder), and which I thought looked AWESOME. My God.

But, trial, error, a lot of fervent magazine reading and some secret YouTube tutorial watching has brought me to a point where I, perhaps, could be described as “she who knows how to apply blusher”. Let’s just say I’m a beauty enthusiast. A hobbyist. If there were specialist magazines that ran 6-page group tests on pigment in mascaras or in-depth first looks of Benefit’s newest highlighter then I’d be a fully paid up subscriber, though I’d almost certainly be out of my depth.

As my chum and colleague Daisy and I will soon make apparent in a more formal way, we’re intending to use this blog as a safehouse for ideas, thoughts, interesting tidbits that we pick up outside of our day-jobs. And a large section of that is going to be orientated around our shared interest in beauty products, techniques and processes.

I am currently avoiding a very uninviting piece of work which is actually hovering next to this window, so I thought I should kick things off and introduce myself – from a product perspective. We’ll do other kind of introductions but this is the first one, crafted because we actually have to get started on this at some point. We can’t say we have a blog if we don’t write on it. In a similar fashion, Daisy and I have been saying that we “do pilates” for the past four weeks. She went once while I was on holiday: I tried to go the following week and Daisy and I drove into each other en route, meaning no pilates. The next week, we actively decided not to go. We’ve never actually been. It’s a bit ridiculous. And yet, we “do pilates”. I am determined to make us be better bloggers.

So: hello world!

I feel quite undressed without: a peachy/pale pink dusting or rub of blusher, a zig-zag wiggle of mascara, a thin line of dark-brown gel eyeliner (which inevitably has to be reapplied for sheer rubbishness on the first attempt), a dot and a smudge of highlighter, and a pop of lip balm.

I’m also allergic to nail varnish (special, huh?) and am currently preparing the mother of all thoughts on the many brands that keep popping up for us pathetic types who fall over at the application of a full-strength polish.

And – that’lll do for now.  Hey, Daisy: I totally wrote a blog post!